Lighting My Path

I love when fresh revelation stems from familiar Scriptures. Several days ago, I was reading in Psalms, because let’s face it, it’s the best thing to read when 1) I’m not sure what else to read and 2) I need some encouragement to get my day going. I’m currently in a season of “blah.” The kind of season where there’s not a whole lot going on outside of the normal, everyday routine of life. I find myself impatiently asking the Lord, “So…what’s next?” I land on Psalm 119:105: “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I have it memorized, and have read it countless times. But after reading it this time, something struck me. Why does it essentially say the same thing: lamp to my feet and light to my path?

When the Lord shows me something in Scripture, I sometimes see it as a scene in a movie. (Bear with me…it’s just how my mind works.) In this short film, I’m walking down a dusty path at night, holding a lantern by my side and close to the ground. I see my worn sandals; I see each sharp rock I step on; I see all the dirt and sand in between my toes; I see the dusty hem of my skirt…(Apparently, I’m in Bible times or something).  Anyway, as I’m walking, I notice that the lantern only lights what is right in front of my feet with darkness surrounding me. However, I feel peace. Even though I can’t see very far ahead of me, I am confident, trusting and knowing that this light is guiding each and every step and won’t steer me wrong. After a while and out of curiosity, I lift the lantern higher and out in front of me. That small light suddenly illuminates the path far ahead of me. I continue walking with the lantern at eye level in awe at the beauty that surrounds this path…beautiful trees, lush green grass, and gorgeous roses. I see other paths through this garden that are paved and easier to walk on. And then, suddenly, there is discontentment. There is complaining. Why can’t I walk on those nicely paved paths instead of the dusty, rocky one I’m on? The darkness is now overcoming the light. I’m scared, and I’m mad. While still holding the lantern out in front of me, I start walking backwards, attempting to get off this path and out of this garden. And then I hear a stern voice soaked in kindness: “Sweet girl, put the lantern back down by your feet. For now, you only need to see what’s right in front of you. When it’s time and in different seasons, I will show you the bigger picture. Keep walking. I promise to keep you safe. I promise to never leave your side. I promise I won’t let the lantern burn out. Be confident that my Word will light each step and will lead your path.”


What did my “slightly dramatic” movie scene reveal to me about Psalm 119:105?

I cannot be so focused on God lighting the path of my future that I neglect to let Him light the footsteps of my present.

Right now, I don’t need to see every detail of my future, my dreams, my desires, and my goals in life. I must be intentional and faithful with each step along the way, and not be distracted by things around me. I must obediently shed light on what God wants to highlight, not just what I want to illuminate.

What do I need to learn in this present season? What opportunities present themselves to tell others about the Lord? What are God’s purposes for me in the here and now? What steps do I need to take? What areas do I need to grow in? To what direction or opportunity do I say yes or no? Who should I surround myself with that will encourage and challenge me?

All of the above questions can be answered by His Word. It’s incredible in so many ways. His Word comes to us through the Bible and through His voice. It may not give us all the answers we want, but it definitely gives us what we need. It’s life giving; it’s real; it’s relevant for today. It will always be there to help us, guide us, direct us, teach us, and encourage us.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking the Lord about our future, but let’s not forsake living, learning, and leading well…right now in the present. Life may be rocky, smooth, uphill, and downhill within minutes of each other; but when we trust the Lord and allow the lamp of His Word to light our feet, He will provide light for the path He wants us to take.

12 responses to “Lighting My Path”

  1. I came across you on a Propel series that we have recently started watching in our small women’s group in England.
    I have just looked up your blogged and read this.
    This is such an encouraging word for me and just what i need at this season in my life. Thank you!
    I’m looking forward to reading more!


    • Hello Sophie,

      I love how the Lord is so faithful to encourage us right when we need it! Thank you for reading the blog and for reaching out, and I hope you guys are having a wonderful time going through the Propel Series at your small group.



  2. It’s wild…I just discovered your blog and the first post I see is on the very verse God has repeatedly brought to my attention over the past few days. This shed more light on what He’s saying to me about choosing to be content with what He’s chosen to show me in this season instead of squinting to see down the path to the future. Great post!


    • Valerie,

      So awesome! Thank you very much for your words. It truly keeps me going to hear that the Lord is using this blog to speak to others right in the season they are at and in the journey they are walking.


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  3. Love this Karen! Such a great reminder and just what I needed to read today😊

    Love, Rachael

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